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Your Self Managed Superannuation Fund is something you have a lifetime to work on. Don’t wait until retirement to establish and contribute to it. Careful planning well before retirement will ensure you will not encounter any nasty surprises and shortfalls when you retire. With the right advise you will be able to enjoy your time during your retirement as you have always envisioned it – or better.

We encourage you to be proactive and contact Stones Sharp, no matter what age you are. Most working Australians will have made employer contributions and salary sacrifice contributions (or deductible contributions if self-employed) by this time, which (depending on your income, excess contributions and payment cycle) might be subject to personal tax rates, certain tax offsets or higher interest charges. If you supplement your Superannuation, receive investment earnings, make spousal contributions or receive any government co-contributions this can also affect your taxation and if you are a high-income earner you will be subject to unique taxation requirements.

The best advice for your Self Managed Superannuation Fund so you can win in the end

Whether you need advice or clarification regarding the legislation around a Self Managed Superannuation setup, compliance, withdrawal of funds from your Superannuation Fund, contributions or salary sacrifice into Superannuation, Stones Sharp Certified Practising Accountants can advise you as to the current legislation and Income Tax consequences for strategies you or your Financial Planner are considering. Stones Sharp can also refer you to Financial Planners for specific advice regarding your Self Managed Superannuation Fund and the implementation of specific legislation you may be considering adopting within your Superannuation Fund.

Sound and sensible Taxation advice will help you negotiate and manage your Superannuation Fund without falling prey to illegal activities aimed at self-managed Superannuation Funds, which can result in significant taxation penalties.

At Stones Sharp, we will help you ensure you adequately fulfil your obligations as Trustee, or Director of the Corporate Trustee, and to ensure that your Self Managed Superannuation Fund remains compliant by meeting the Superannuation Funds Taxation and legislative obligations.

Whilst Stones Sharp Certified Practising Accountants are not Financial Planners, over the years we have partnered with many individual Superannuation Funds Financial Planners to clarify taxation legislation, lodgement and payment requirements. With government legislation constantly changing, Self Managed Superannuation Fund compliance has never been so complicated. Stones Sharp CPA’s help clarify and simplify the legislation surrounding Self Managed Superannuation Funds.

I would highly recommend Shane and the team at Stones Sharp who have been a valuable part of our business for several years now. They have always provided us with valuable business and financial advise saving us money, are proactive in their service and always available to answer any questions. They truly care about our business. Thanks again to the team at Stones Sharp.

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