How We Can Help with Your Individual Tax Requirements

At Stones Sharp, we are here to mitigate the stress of your personal tax obligations and work your tax return to your advantage.

Every person living and working in Australia is required to compile and file their tax return. As professional accountants and tax agents, we are able to ensure that you successfully file your tax return within the deadlines and assist in tax planning. Our team is also able to advise on what you can and can’t claim on your tax, ensuring that you are optimising suitable deductions.

We have extensive experience in helping individuals from all industries and professions, as well as business owners and those just entering the job market. The team at Stones Sharp will take the time to understand your specific financial situation and will take a proactive approach in managing your tax obligations and future planning.

Stones Sharp can assist you in:

  • Completing and filing your tax return within the deadlines
  • Taking full advantage of relevant tax deductions and claiming them on your tax return
  • Tax planning and strategy to help you maximise your income and minimise your tax liabilities

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Get in Touch about your Tax Planning & Returns

    Why do you need a Tax Accountant for your Tax Planning & Returns

    At Stones Sharp, we know that when life gets busy, your tax planning and returns are usually the last thing on your mind.

    By working with a qualified tax accountant, you can rest assured that your tax will be completed successfully and on time. You will also be correctly informed on what you can and can’t claim on your tax return. This is especially important as claiming wrongfully can lead to being audited by the ATO or you may receive hefty penalties.

    Tax planning and tax return preparation doesn’t need to be overwhelming or confusing. When you work with a Stones Sharp accountant, we ensure to make the experience of personal tax as easy and painless as possible.

    What Our Clients Say

    “I have dealt with Shane Borg and the team at Stones Sharp for many years and find them extremely helpful and efficient when it comes to managing my tax affairs and compliance requirements. They are quick to respond and a pleasure to deal with.”


    Stones Sharp Client

    “I have been a client of Stones Sharp for several years now. Shane and the team have been very helpful with maximising and lodging my tax return, and he is always just an email away if I have any concerns or questions.”

    Stones Sharp Client

    “Stones Sharp and Shane Borg have been looking after my personal taxation requirements for in excess of 10 years. The advice from Shane has always been first rate and timely and I am pleased to recommend his services.”

    Stones Sharp Client

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    Personal Tax Resources & Insights

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    Individual Taxpayers are Australians and Australian Residents who earn over the tax-free threshold of $18,200. Those who earn more than that are required to submit an income tax return annually to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO). Failing this, the ATO has...

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    Individual Taxation Frequently Asked Questions

    Is it compulsory to lodge a tax return?

    If you are currently employed, receiving Government benefits, business income, investment income or crypto currency, including NFT  then you will need to file a tax return. If you have questions about your eligibility for completing a tax return or whether you are over the tax free threshold, please contact the ATO or Stones Sharp Accountants.

    What can I claim on my tax return?

    You can claim deductions on your tax return for work-related expenses. This often includes motor vehicle and transportation expenses, clothing, laundry and dry-cleaning expenses, and self-education expenses. You can also claim other working from home expenses and some tools and equipment. Gifts, donations, interest and tax agent fees (conditions apply) can also be claimed on your tax return. Working with Stones Sharp Accountants can help you identify what you can and can’t claim on your return.

    How much tax will I be required to pay?

    Your tax will be determined on how much taxable income you made within the financial year. The tax you are required to pay will vary depending on which tax bracket you fall into based on your taxable income and the assets you own. You can determine how much tax you’ll be required to pay with the ATO tax calculator or by using the services of Stones Sharp Accountants. 

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