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Stones Sharp is a modern boutique accounting firm, centrally located in the inner eastern suburb of Kew in Melbourne, Victoria.

At Stones Sharp, our mission is to provide you with efficient, effective and timely solutions whilst building valued partnerships between our clients and the practice, that will stand the test of time.

Our story began in Melbourne in the 1940’s.
Since then Stones Sharp has continued to grow and establish a strong history of service and support for a broad client base of business professionals, investors, tax planning superannuation funds and individuals.

Providing a range of professional accounting, taxation and related services, we aim to nurture and develop relationships that produce loyal and beneficial partnerships.

Positive relationships provide the strong foundation for opportunities, which is why we take the time to understand your values, both professionally and on a personal level, so that we are able to provide you with opportunities for growth.

Our dynamic, collaborative, talented team of professionals, provide you with assurance of the very latest in financial knowledge, technical competence, taxation and compliance.

We understand there are many steps and stages you go through in your life’s journey, whether you are running a business or as an individual.

At Stones Sharp we provide a broad range of taxation and accounting services to suit your needs.


We provide all the basic and advanced methods of accounting for your business. We manage all your financial records, transactions, internal reviews; providing a systematic approach to interpret your profit and loss. Ultimately, it’s about offering your business the true value of its equity.

Business Management Consulting

One of our core focuses is to help your business develop better strategies through a diverse management strategy. We want to help your company transform its sales performance, identifying your key strengths and weaknesses. Stones Sharp helps your business work harmoniously – even in times of uncertainty.

Superannuation – Self Managed Super Funds

Stones Sharp keeps abreast of all Australia’s reforms relating to retirement policies, as well as the Superannuation Guarantee. We are here to provide any advice you may need regarding your SMSF and manage your money effectively, ensuring that your savings are properly secured for your future.

Corporate Governance

We manage the relationship among policies, processes and systems within your organisation and also help to maintain efficiencies. We understand the necessity to have a solid framework of governance set up within your organisation so that conformity is streamlined and does not affect the day-to-day running of your business.

Assisting with obtaining Finance

We understand the requirements of obtaining finance for special projects or to expand business operations. We manage the whole process, from applications to approval, so you can focus on the key tasks at hand and benefit from financial security in the long run.

Audit Shield

Stones Sharp is equipped, experienced and ready to manage and deal with an official audit of your company. Should the ATO conduct an audit of your business, you can be sure that all your paperwork is in order under our management. This includes: income, payroll tax, record keeping, Superannuation Guarantee and more.

Family Office Service

A proud solution that we offer is our family (or individual) office or wealth services to help families manage the complexities involved when it comes to key decision-making, for your family business for example. We enjoy making it a streamlined process for you, with the least amount of stress.


We provide accurate bookkeeping in the most professional manner so that your business has all the necessary systems and processes in place. We also manage the financial documentation, such as purchases, sales, payments and receipts; payroll; BAS preparations; and full record-keeping.

Financial Planning

Whilst Stones Sharp are not licensed Financial Planners, we have a network of professionals who we would refer you to for all your Financial Planning needs and requirements.

Taxation for Companies

We provide you with the benefits of having a professional corporate tax team ready to manage your company’s taxation needs. Our systems are in place and are robust, with specialised personnel working closely with your company to ensure that you comply with all of the Australian Government’s stringent taxation requirements.

Taxation for Trusts

We watch carefully and manage our clients’ trusts with efficient processes that aim to limit or reduce the taxation of trusts, and ensure preservation of your investments or Estate Plans. We facilitate tax planning for Discretionary Trusts to ensure a stable and well-managed system for our clients’ assets.

Taxation for Superannuation Funds

Stones Sharp manages your company’s contributions with regard to superannuation so that as it grows through your investments, the tax implications payable are kept at a minimum, thanks to our experienced and knowledgeable tax accountants.

Taxation for Partnerships

We understand the partnership structure and relationship regarding income and losses that must be shared amongst all partners. We take special pride in offering proper advice on the taxation responsibilities for partnerships, as well as the reports shared regarding the income for tax return policies.

Taxation for Deceased Estates

We assist with the legalities of deceased estates and managing the taxation requirements for the executor of the Will. At Stones Sharp, we work closely with the executor to wrap up all the legalities pertaining to the taxes involved in such cases.

Taxation for Individuals

Stones Sharp makes it simple for individuals to understand their responsibility in managing their tax. We also support you in lodging your tax return, online or on paper. If you need tracking of your refund or amending of an error, Stones Sharp takes care of all the processes.

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