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Operating a successful business is not an easy task in today’s ever changing economic environment. We’ve all heard the statistics about how many new businesses fail within their first year of starting or how few businesses are left standing as the years go by.

A large portion of this can be attributed to a failure to plan ahead – specifically when it comes to operating a business, strategies, finances and federal and state taxes. Professional management consulting can have a significant effect on many seemingly related parts of the business including marketing, product/service pricing, capital investment, management, resources, employees, systems, strategies, management reporting and the organisational structure of the business itself.

With business management consulting Melbourne from Stones Sharp, you can avoid and/or navigate through these pitfalls and create a well-functioning and profitable business that will prosper in today’s Australian economy. Stones Sharp can assist in helping you create a business that supports your life style and not a lifestyle that supports your business.

There are many steps that we can help you put in place that will put your business on the path to sustainable success. With many years of intimately dealing with all manners and sizes of businesses, we are confident that we will be able to assist you in many aspects of business management consulting and advisory. Consult with professional business advisors Melbourne.

Guidance when you need it most

As many businesses in Australia are family owned and run, it is also important to put procedures in place that could involve the future of your business. For example, you will need to make provisions for what will happen should you wish to leave the business and pass over the reins to someone else inside or outside of the family. Planning for unexpected events can also be of tremendous help if a family member should pass away or become unable to work for any reason. In situations like these, a formal business management consulting procedure and appropriate legal agreements will help preserve both business and family relationships. For more details about business management consulting Melbourne contact us.

What We Offer

Some of the items that we can assist you with as part of our business management consulting process:

  • Creation of Key Performance Indicators
  • Measurement and monitoring of Key Performance Indicators
  • Creation of financial and management reports
  • Preparing and implementing budgets
  • Making costing and cash flow projections and adjusting plans and budgets accordingly
  • Creating an ongoing management plan for future growth
  • Business Management Consulting
  • System creation and advice
  • Assisting your Solicitor in the preparation of buy/sell/exit agreements
  • Assisting your Solicitor in the preparation of Director/Partners/Shareholders agreements
  • Assisting in marketing strategies
  • Business mentoring

Shane Borg of Stones Sharp Accountants has provided me with invaluable and practical business and taxation advice for my business that has not only saved me money, but has helped develop and grow my business.

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