How We Can Guide Your Corporate Governance Framework

Every successful business needs a strong foundation and supporting Corporate Governance framework. Build yours with Stones Sharp.

Corporate Governance is essential to creating a balance between compliance and performance. As experienced and knowledgeable taxation professionals, we can assist you in actualising a framework which will drive your business in the right direction while complying to relevant laws and guidelines.

Regardless of the size and stage of your business, Stones Sharp will assist you in setting up, rearranging or realigning your existing processes and procedures to suit your business’ priorities. We have the thorough expertise to advise in creating a strong Corporate Governance framework which reflects your relevant leadership, laws and regulations, policies and procedures.

Why Compliance Matters

Don’t let negligence or a misunderstanding impact on your ability to meet business goals today or in the future. Stones Sharp can ensure that you adhere to all necessary obligations, rules and regulations.

Our team of local experts have access to global resources and extensive knowledge of your obligations as a business. We’ll help you navigate a wide range of compliance and governance issues so your business can perform and grow without worry.

 What is Corporate Governance?

Corporate Governance relates to your stakeholder engagement, communication and culture, and helps to drive your business’ decision and broader corporate activity. Good governance can make a significant difference in the performance and processes of your business. It is also essential as your business has responsibilities to act in the best interests of the shareholders and comply with your ASIC obligations.

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Get in Touch about Corporate Governance

    Why Trust the professionals?

    Corporate governance is complex. You need to take into account legislated laws as well as non-binding guidelines as outlined by the Corporations Act, ASIC and other authorities, while creating a suitable framework. Failing to create a compliant framework could result in exposure to high risks, large penalties and even result in the failure of your business.

    By trusting the experts, you’ll be able to create an appropriate governance to help guide your business to success. Whether you are creating a Corporate Governance strategy for the first time or adjusting your existing strategy to reflect recent changes and growth, the team at Stones Sharp can assist you.

    As highly experienced accountants, we can provide guidance in setting up, rearranging, or realigning your existing strategies and frameworks to ensure compliance and governance with integrity. We’ve worked with a range of different businesses across various industries to navigate unique accounting and business development challenges.

    What Our Clients Say

    “Stones Sharp helped establish my company nearly 20 years ago and subsequently another company a few years later. They have managed regulatory compliance and taxation matters in a professional manner and I have always felt confident with the strategic and routine advice provided.”


    Stones Sharp Client

    “Stones Sharp have taken care of our company’s tax affairs and ASIC reporting obligations for over twenty years. We can always rely on the friendly staff for timely advice and we truly appreciate their skill in instructing us how to record various transactions and keep our books accurately.”


    Stones Sharp Client

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    Corporate Governance Resources & Insights

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is Stones Sharp’s corporate governance advisory a one-off or ongoing engagement?

    As part of Stones Sharp’s overarching business management consulting, we provide a long-term ongoing engagement to our clients. We assist businesses across their corporate governance framework, from its initial set-up if there is not an existing structure to adapting an existing framework based on changes to the company or industry.

    What areas of governance does Stones Sharp focus on?

    Stones Sharp is able to provide an all-encompassing governance review, focusing on organisational and board structure, strategy and risk management, and fiduciary responsibility. We also ensure that your business’ governance framework is compliant with relevant legislation.

    What industry sectors is Stones Sharp experienced in to provide corporate governance?

    If you’re looking to create a Corporate Governance framework for your business, or fine-tune your existing strategy, the team at Stones Sharp can assist you. As Australian Public Practice Taxation Accountants, we have decades of experience and a thorough understanding of the ASIC requirements, being able to assist in creating the right framework for your business.

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