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Stones Sharp Certified Practising Kew Accountants can assist individuals living in Australia or Overseas by managing their day to day affairs including bill payments and annual renewals such as insurances.

In our busy world, this service allows you to dedicate more time to your precious family and to focus on your everyday business needs while assisting in your wealth creation plan.

Our family office service assists our valued clients and we holistically manage your personal family assets, finances and general affairs while considering your family business structures, estate planning matters, family trusts, investments, family governance, insurances and all matters involving taxation including the day to day bookkeeping and administrative support required in managing your family assets, wealth and general family affairs.

We take into consideration generation succession and our goal is to create a multi-generational solution that will provide benefits for decades to come. Even if you are a first generation wealth creator, investing in a family office service can help you preserve your wealth and success for your children’s children to enjoy long after you are gone. It will also enable your legacy to live on in the money generating assets you have created.

Determined & capable

With a team of taxation and business advisory accountants in Kew for you to call on, you will experience constant access to a wealth of knowledge, information and support. The dedicated team at Stones Sharp partner with you and your business to not only prepare your financial and taxation requirements but to mentor you and your family through the many hurdles of running a successful business.

Whether your family office requirements are small or large, Stones Sharp can work with you to determine the scope of your requirements to achieve the right level of service for you and your family needs. Stones Sharp Accountants are also able to act as third party advisors regarding managing your affairs with your personal Bankers, Financial Planners, Lawyers, Insurance Agents and other interested parties.

No matter what your goal is, Stones Sharp Certified Practising Accountants have the depth and breadth of knowledge and experience required to assist and advise you and your family.

Stones Sharp helped establish my company nearly 20 years ago and subsequently another company I was associated with a few years later. They have managed regulatory compliance/reporting and taxation matters in a professional manner and I have always felt confident with the strategic and routine advice provided.

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