Your business may be doing well enough for now, but imagine how much better you could be doing if you partnered with an accountant who could streamline processes and recognise areas for improvement.

A great accountant experienced in Business Management Consulting will have the uncanny ability to see ways of improving your bottom-line, ways that you may not see when you’re stuck in the day-to-day running of your business. Not to mention the stress that comes with trying day-in and day-out to make a profit and grow your business.

So how exactly can partnering with an accountant actually help improve your profits?

Here’s five ways an accountant can help increase your Business’s profits almost immediately:

1. Expense analysis

All your business expenses can be analysed by an accountant who will determine which expenses are higher than what they should be. Any reduction in expenses from operating costs is easily transferable to profits.

2. Proper profit planning

Have you actually got a plan in place that outlines how you will reach a profit for your business? A proper plan will allow you to set goals for future growth and give you a blueprint for success. Of course, if plan A doesn’t work, there should also be plan B, C and so on.

3. Revise financing

Financial restructuring can help you to save interest on your business’s credit or loans by offering you less expensive options. By revising your finances, your business debt can be secured and revived by the interest you save.

4. Reduce your debts

If you’re in the red, there’s no doubt that you need to partner with an accountant so they can help you get back into the positive. Having debts and struggling to overcome them only eat away at your ability to make a profit. Only once you set out to eliminate these debts and improve cash flow will your bottom line return to black.

5. Discover who your valuable clients are

This is one of the biggies. An accountant will sit down with you help you identify your most loyal customers, who are likely to make you the most money. By using this information, you can do two things: one, you can market to these big fish about upcoming sales so that they are aware of them in time to take advantage of them. Secondly, you can look at your poor buyers too and email and market to them with the hopes that they take advantage of your sales as well, and in the process become bigger, more lucrative clients to your business.

With this understanding in mind, it makes absolute sense to consult with an accountant. As you can see, they have the vantage point of being able to improve your profitability without the burden of business distractions. Ultimately, this could result in higher profits.

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Shane Borg

Shane Borg


Shane is a Fellow of the Australian Society of Certified Practicing Accountants and a Chartered Accountant.

Shane’s passion is to consider the clients, the client’s business and taxation affairs with a holistic approach whilst providing business mentoring, business strategies, systems development, taxation advice and taxation planning in order to assist his clients and their business achieve their goals.

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