Behind any successful organisation is a great partnership with certified corporate accountants. Their taxation advice for small-to-medium enterprises, including corporate organisations, is crucial to help your business achieve success. It’s why when deciding to partner with one, you should make the decision with care. Here’s what to look for when partnering with a business and management consulting accountant:

1. They’re great with people

Good people and communication skills are something all accountants should have. The ability to work with a diverse range of people is important, as your accountant will need to be able to extract important information and insights from different individuals across business. They should be able to communicate their recommendations in a way that anyone can easily understand and put in place.


2.They pay attention to detail

The smallest mistake made with billing can have catastrophic consequences for your operations. Being able to spot and prevent these is important, as is being able to detect the potential of future errors. It’s the job of your certified corporate accountant to be the fine-tooth comb that removes knots from your businesses financial documentation in a precise manner. They should be able to remain organised and productive throughout the process.


3. They can see the bigger picture

Partnering with a corporate accountant that is qualified and excellent with numbers is a must. But it’s what they do with that information that separates the good from the great. Can they take the financial data being presented to them and use it to draft legally compliant business plans that offer realistic steps the business can work through? A good accountant can use the details in front of them to provide actionable advice the business can use to improve their ROI. They should also be able to anticipate changes and be able to respond to the unexpected when and where needed.


4. They adopt a balanced approach

Growing a business involves a calculated combination of both risky and conservative behaviour. This means being able to create several back-up plans that take into consideration worst case scenarios, while also understanding that certain unexpected and risky opportunities might pop up and require immediate action. This means balancing creativity with structure, logic and intuition. Above all, an accountant needs to love accounting and love what they do. This single quality can even ensure the rest falls into place.


If you’re looking to partner with certified corporate accountants that will handle your business’ finances, get in touch with the Kew based team at Stones Sharp today.

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