For some reason, no matter where in Australia you are, Christmas does something to us all that sort of rewires our brains to lose all concept of saving money. But, it’s Christmas after all, isn’t it? This means go all out and spend your bonus (if you get one) and make everyone happy, jolly and festive. Until you get to the New Year and realise how much you’ve actually spent!

Here’s where we need to put a lid on things and look at the best ways to save!

Here are some great tips to inspire you to give the love this Christmas, honour all the good things about the season and holiday, without spending too much money. Come January and you’ll wish you had read this blog with a keener eye. So get ahead of the game and consider these tips:

1. Home is where the heart is

When something is made from your heart such as a well-written, heartfelt poem, no Hallmark greeting card can match up to. Don’t stock up on expensive, corny cards – DIY and get your own message across. Or how about homemade gifts, things that are more sentimental than glamorous. For example, a painting or clay pot that will last forever will mean much more to the recipient than a piece of clothing or jewellery they’ll barely wear! Get creative and think of the person, then go ahead and make them something amazing.

2. Look for the best deals online

There’s a number of reasons why purchasing you presents online will save big time. Firstly, time and effort! You won’t have to deal with the thousands of people at the shopping centre and you can do it from the comfort of your own home. Secondly, money! By searching around and comparing site and deals, you’ll be able to get the present you want at the best price. Obviously, there’s a bit of time involved in this, but at least you don’t have to search hours for a car spot or work your way through a crowded shop.

3. Set a family budget

One of the most awkward things is spending hundreds of dollars on a present for someone, only for them to give you something in return worth not even half the price. So, eliminate the likelihood of this happening by setting a budget the whole family can adhere to. Whether it $10, $50, $100 or more, it gives yourself and everyone a limit.

4. Sharing is caring

When it comes to the big Christmas feast, it would be a kind gesture and a gift in itself to suggest to the family that everyone brings in something for the feast instead of leaving it on the shoulders of one person – usually mum and dad! This way, everyone will spend a little bit, but end up getting a lot in return. It will make for great conversation also, and show the main theme about Christmas, which is giving, sharing and being with the family.

Now you have a few money-wise ideas that could actually save you money this Festive Season, enjoy this wonderful period and don’t worry about the stress of finances in the wake of your spending.

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