First and foremost, the Stones Sharp team hope that you are well during these difficult times.

As the Federal and State Governments continue to offer support to businesses and individuals, we have prepared two summaries:

  1. Federal Government Tax Stimulus Benefits
  2. State and Territory Tax Stimulus Packages

These summaries provide you with an overview of what is available to you and your business.

For ease of reference we have incorporated links for you to register your interest or to apply for certain packages.

We ask that Stones Sharp clients who are attending to registrations/applications directly to email the confirmations to in order that we can keep track of who has registered for the various packages/benefits.

Whilst we have attempted to capture all we note that various stimulus packages are changing and being added to regularly and there may be changes not incorporated in the attached at this point.

The information has been adapted from various Government Web sites, is general in nature and should not be relied upon without obtaining specific advice from Stones Sharp.

Should you require a Zoom consultation meeting to discuss further, please do not hesitate to contact our reception to arrange for one.

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