The adage that “you can’t see the forest for the trees” is often true of business owners – particularly those managing a struggling or stagnant businesses. This observation is not a criticism though, and the problem is more common than you might think, especially in the first year of operation, as well as family-run companies.

It occurs because you’re so involved with and invested in the intricate daily details of running your company that you are not able to step back, see the big picture and identify problem areas.

So how do you rescue your business? One course of action is to hire a business management consultant who will be able to take an impartial and objective look at your operations, identify what’s working, what’s not and form a plan of action to make your company as successful as it can be.

A Management Consultant can assist with:

1. In-depth analysis

You may know you have a problem, such as staff and customer retention or falling sales but you may not be able to identify the cause. A management consultant can observe and examine every sector of your company, from HR, marketing and management to your finances, capital investment and organisational structure. Through careful observation, they can help identify the problem areas.

2. Tailor-make a plan

Having pinpointed the problems, a skilled management consultant can formulate a strategy based on the needs of your business. This may include creating new Key Performance Indicators, improving processes, preparing costing and cash flow projections, assisting with budgets and marketing plans and business mentoring.

3. Set you on a course for growth

A management consultant can help set your company on the path to steady and sustainable growth. If the consultant has identified a skills gap, for example, they can help you streamline your hiring processes, so you engage the right people for your business. If they have suggested a new financial reporting system, they can assist with training staff and ensuring the work flows as it should.

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